How to choose clothes?

Transparent blouse has become one of the most striking trends of this season.

The classical version is a bra in a blouse tone

This year, I want to say that I do not know. As a result, transparent and translucent blouses took center stage in the pret-a-porter collections of 2017. Ignore this phenomenon in the fashion industry will not work. If you decide to fill up your wardrobe with such a blouse, it is important to understand what it can be worn and find the most elegant combinations.Your goal is an elegant image in a business style? Looking for relevant combinations will have to work harder. A flirty top is recommended to be supplemented with a strict bottom. Prefer the straight skirts up to the middle of the knee or midi. Contrast is also relevant in textural solutions. Soft and loose fabrics are not suitable for such blouses. From the light and flying will also have to give up. The best choice is dense materials with a smooth structure. Glossy shine is perfectly combined with cutting-edge styles. Noble matte fabric will become a harmonious addition to the romantic or classic cut.